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SAT Institute website is a work in progress. Please stay tuned for more: books & a blog.

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About Our Events

Seekers After Truth Programs -- Empower Your Spirit


SAT Programs 1-4: Developed over 40 years, Dr. Claudio Naranjo’s world renowned program,
Seekers After Truth (SAT), is an experiential, psycho-spiritual journey that approaches human
development from contemplative, therapeutic, & somatic arts perspectives. The foundation
for all 4 SAT modules is meditation: from mindfulness, to one-pointedness, to inquiry into direct contact

with consciousness itself. SAT encompasses self-knowing through Naranjo's Psychology of the Enneatypes,

the liberation of expression through Therapeutic Theater, the working through

of one’s most significant relationships from early attachments to adult partnerships,

& the immediacy of Gestalt therapy. Rounding out the program, SAT somatic modalities

invite participants to embody spontaneity & instinct. SAT conveys participants along
a transpersonal path toward self-awareness, the awakening of authenticity and one's true
nature, and the expansion of compassion, wisdom, & freedom.

Naranjo describes the SAT Program as

“… a university for love & global consciousness.”